A Shadow

If depression is a black dog, anxiety is a shadow. A shadow of who you are that follows you everywhere you go. You can jump, run, and even swim, but the shadow sticks on you like… well, like what it is, a shadow. Unlike Peter Pan, you can’t just snip the shadow off.

Don’t be ashamed of your shadow. Where would we be without them? Without shadows, we’d swelter, burn, boil on scorching hot days, no shelter. We’d wish rain would come to make us appreciate the sun again. Without the shadow of anxiety, how would we know when we are truly happy, truly content?

How bright is a smile if it never ever fades? Let your darkness help you appreciate the light.

My tips:

  1. Each day, write down 5 things you’re thankful for. It can be anything, from a good grade, your family, or even a particularly good cup of tea!
  2. Treat yourself. Eat that leftover Easter egg (as I did while writing this), have a bubble bath, watch your favourite show. Do you.
  3. Talk.

p.s. we should be aware of mental health every day, not just during this week. Like shadows, you might not always see people’s anxieties without taking a closer look.

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