5 things I love about Leeds

T minus 6 weeks until I return to Leeds after a year away on placement, and I couldn’t be more excited. Having lived at home for the majority of the last year, I can’t wait for the freedom of Leeds – is it weird that I’m excited for my weekly trips to Aldi? It was hard to narrow down my favourite things about Leeds into one post, but here it goes!


  1. Give It A Go activities

Throwing yourself into new experiences is more than encouraged at Leeds. The union offers Give It A Go activities which are usually free and always great fun, whether you find a new hobby for life or not! My friends and I have tried yoga, spin, and trampolining. One of my friends actually went on to compete for the University Trampolining team across the country after never having done it before! This year I’ll definitely be trying the meditation classes the union are offering.

  1. Cake

Through exam procrastination, my friends and I have become experts at where the best and worst cake is located in Leeds. You’re in for a treat if you’re a new first year – the cake at Balcony Café in the Union is yet to be beaten. Other top bakers include the Leeds Corn Exchange and Opposite Café (literally opposite the uni!).


  1. Up north

I’m from Leicester, which some of you might say is north, but to me, moving to Leeds was moving up north – the furthest north I’d ever been! The location of Leeds gives you fantastic opportunities to explore northern England, which is made even easier by the opportunities the LUU provide to visit places such as Scarborough, Durham and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s definitely worth checking out the up coming events to see where Leeds can take you.


Leeds is only a 20 minute train journey from York, where you can find Christmas markets, beautiful architecture and of course, more cake!

  1. The ridiculous amount of bars and restaurants 

The city centre of Leeds is relatively small compared to other cities like Manchester and Birmingham, but the amount of bars and restaurants crammed in is endless. Whether you want cheap and cheerful, cheap and classy, or fancy blowing out your whole student loan, there’s something for you. Crammed in alleyways and even on rooftops, you never need to go to the same place twice.


Leeds: where classy cocktails in The Alchemist turn into double vodka cokes in Players followed by a Big Mac.

  1. Transport

Though you can walk from the train station at the bottom of Leeds to Hyde Park at the top in about 40 minutes, it’s up a HUGE hill, with the uni in the middle, and let’s face it, it’s Leeds and rains a lot. Thankfully, you can get from Hyde Park to the city centre for just £1 on the bus (with a student card). Even an uber from the train station to the Hyde Park area is only about £5, which is a god-send when you’re lugging a suitcase.

Oh Leeds I’ve missed you, bring on September!img_7337.jpg

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