My Top 10 University Essentials

1. A good notebook 
By this I don’t mean one of those 99p refill pads from Wilkos. I mean a pretty Paperchase notebook to write important things. I think everyone needs one of them… or five!

2. A mug
And tea bags, of course. Tea is an incredibly powerful bonding tool at university. I actually know people that brought tea and coffee with them to university, even though they didn’t drink it, just as a way to make friends! Geniuses.

My favourite mug is this one from Paperchase – their new Gothic Garden range. At £8 it’s a little pricey, but can you put a price on a pretty cup of tea? Especially when you can have a matching notepad!

3. A printer 
I went through first year without a printer, simply because there were plenty at uni and I needed to save money. This year, however, I am living further away from uni so I decided to treat myself.

Today I purchased my HP Envy printer from Currys PC World for £44.99, plus three years guarantee for £12.00! What’s put me off buying a printer before is the price of ink, which everyone knows is completely unaffordable for a student. Not anymore! For just £1.99 a month I can print 50 pages of colour with HP. The printer tells HP when you need a replacement cartridge and you get it delivered to you well before you run out, amazing! An added extra, 5 months free ink from Currys!

4. A blanket 
Everyone needs a cozy blanket for the duvet days we’re bound to have. For the homesick days and the hungover days.

5. Garlic bread 
Perfect again for duvet days! Me and the girls always make sure we have a stash of it in the freezer and we put it in while we’re cooking as a communal starter, or have it with wine and a movie.

6. My laptop 
Obviously! Apple offer 14% student discount when you show them your university card/acceptance letter, making Macbooks so much more affordable!

7. A dressing gown 
A partner for the duvet days! Also essential for going out into the kitchen during those first few weeks when you don’t want to reveal your rabbit-patterned pyjamas to your new flatmates…

Selections of fluffy dressing gowns are a little scarce right now as it’s summer, but mine is a little like this one from M&S, because who doesn’t want to look and feel like a fluffy teddy bear in their dressing gown?

8. A food planner
You can buy these very cheaply from Wilkos, or if you’re feeling like a big spender you can get lovely ones in Paperchase. I swear by a good food planner as a way to save money. *Queue me revealing my sad life* Every Sunday I plan my meals for the following week, then I write a shopping list of the things I’ll need, and go to Morrisons in the morning. That way, I only buy the things I need, plus a few treats of course!

9. Photos
It’s so important to make your uni room feel like home, so photos are essential! I literally covered my pin board and some of my walls with photos of family and friends, and as the year went on, pictures of uni friends.

10. A communal biscuit tin
My flat and I came up with an idea to have a communal biscuit tin in the kitchen as a way to make sure there was always something nice to eat in the flat. Each week it’s a different person’s turn to buy them, and it’s a great way to have a catch up after a week of uni.


Any vital items you feel I’ve missed? Comment your thoughts on the items you simply cannot live without at uni! X

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