"#Pray, but only for Europe"

This morning I woke up to BBC News announcing that there had been another terror attack, this time in the departure lounge of Brussels’ airport and a metro station close by. I was shocked, upset and worried, but I was also angry. Here I was, watching this emergency broadcast on what was undoubtedly a tragedy, wondering where the same sense of panic was at the recent terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul.

Judging from my blog, you may say I’m biased. I have visited Turkey numerous times and have fallen in love with it. But who can be prejudice when it comes to world terror? I felt compelled to write this post after reading a brilliant article on The Independent by Yasmin Ahmed who asks where our prayers were for Ankara and Istanbul.

As I look on Twitter now, at 6:52pm, almost 12 hours after the attacks, there have been 69.3K tweets with the hashtag #BrusselsAttacks. Horrifyingly, 252K tweets have been sent with the hashtag #StopIslam – as if stopping one of the biggest religions in the world would stop the terror. As #PrayForAnkara is no longer trending, if it ever was, I can’t tell you how many tweets it had! But come on, I think we all know it won’t have been 69.3K!

Since the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, Muslims have been associated with terror by western media, and seeing this lack of compassion for attacks in Turkey just shows how this has filtered down to the general public in 2016. The attacks in Ankara and Istanbul meant Muslims were killed, but the key thing our media concentrated on was the tourists that were killed – the westerners. Maybe it’s fair to say that there isn’t as much compassion for eastern attacks because the media talk less about it?

A human life lost is the same no matter what their religion. Fair enough if David Cameron is more concerned about attacks in Paris and Brussels – this cities are closer to Britain, meaning we are more at threat. But if we aren’t allowed to know that people in Turkey are being killed by the same evil, what’s to stop us thinking it is people in Turkey committing terrorism? This is where stereotypes start.

We’re all in this together.

Terrorism has no religion.

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