My Short-Lived Bootea Experience

Day One

I love breakfast. Each day I take great pleasure in topping my porridge with handfuls of granola, a banana, grapes, and whatever other berries I can find. I’ve heard shop bought granola is full of sugar and isn’t that great for you but, come on, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I WILL have my granola. 
The closest the Bootea ‘recommended’ eating plan gets to my breakfast is 3tbsp of unsweetened muesli with semi skimmed milk and an apple, so I have already decided not to follow the rules regarding breakfast. I usually enjoy a cup of tea with breakfast, but for the next 2 weeks that is being swapped for Bootea. 
After finishing breakfast and my tea, I am feeling tired, and not yet experiencing the energising results of Bootea. Perhaps this is due to the lack of caffeine. I’m going to the gym in an hour or so, and after that I will try and stick to the Bootea lunch menu!
Watch this space!

Day Two: Disaster

I was at my boyfriend’s last night so didn’t drink the evening Bootea tea, mainly because I’d read about the laxative effects it can have. Whether or not this was due to the 1 cup I drank yesterday morning, I had a sleepless night of feeling sick. Determined to continue the teatox, I drank the morning tea when I got home this morning. Since then I have been feeling exhausted (obviously due to the sleepless night) and very sick. As a foodie, this has not stopped me eating 3 meals today, but my appetite was definitely smaller! Success! But was it? 
I began to feel nervous about drinking the night-time tea, so looked up some side-effects online – of course I did this before buying the drink, but I stopped after reading the word ‘laxative’ – it seemed something I could deal with. HOWEVER, I soon found reviews from many women saying they had BECOME PREGNANT WHILST DRINKING BOOTEA. 


This is because the laxative effect in the night-time drink effects the contraceptive pill – a pill which I take religiously at 08:00 each day. Thankfully, I had only drank two cups of the morning tea and none of the evening, so I doubt my pill was disrupted. But what about the hundreds of other teenage girls who want to lose weight, and who instead gain the heavy load of a baby?! 
I have decided that for now, this is the end of my Bootea experience. I am pretty gutted, it cost me £20! I may take a break from the pill in late August and use the remaining tea then, but for now, no thanks! 

On a brighter note…. 

Just an hour before I found the horrendous side effects of possible pregnancy, I was starting to notice a flatter stomach which made me feel overall more positive about myself. Yes, this could be an early sign of the Bootea at work, but I have been exercising a lot more lately, so perhaps it is that instead? Bootea recommends no meat for the two weeks of the teatox, and I do intend to see this out, at least! 
Thanks Bootea, but no thanks. I think I’ll stick to a good ol’ sweaty gym session! 

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