During my time at college I wrote for the student newspaper. In the last edition, I wrote an article about my trip to Amsterdam that I was very proud of, and that others seemed to like. Sadly the article had to be edited due to it’s topics… I thought I’d post the original on here as I am pleased with it! 

Sitting on the plane to Amsterdam I had no idea what to expect, all anyone ever talks about is the drugs! I didn’t have long to contemplate what the on-coming weekend had in store – no sooner had the flight taken off I was seeing (unsurprisingly) stretches of green fields and canals. Travelling to the city centre, the first thing I noticed was how friendly the locals were. I almost cringed when my boyfriend started a conversation with a hairy, heavy coated local on a train with the line “where’s the best place to get some green then?” But was surprised when the man launched into an apparently rehearsed description of the local area’s hot spots. 
My classic ‘I am in Amsterdam’ shot – just beautiful!
The Ice Bar was something I was really looking forward to, however it wasn’t long before I realised I’d paid £25 to stand in a room of ice with a very small drink, and I can’t even remember if there was any music on! The experience came with a free cocktail beforehand, which was far more enjoyable than the drink I had in the room of ice. Oh well, the photos looked good! 
Me and my boyfriend Jamie, can you seen the chill in our eyes?
I feel obliged to inform potential Amsterdam-visitors of the annoyance that is the power of the bike in the city. In May 2012, reported that the population of the city was 780,000, and they own an estimated 881,000 bikes! This became particularly obvious to me when I walked past a multi-story CAR park, filled with bikes. This sounds like a lovely, environmentally-friendly idea, which of course it is. It seems that when an Amsterdammer gets onto a bike, they become invincible. Bikers weave through cars and trams, fly through red lights, and travel at high speeds in bike lanes to scare tourists (like me) that stray onto the bike paths. You are warned with a ring of a bell, but rest assured, you never hear “excuse me” or “sorry!” I suppose it’s our fault for being a driving nation. 
iPhone camera doesn’t do this justice
A place you’ll be perfectly safe from being rammed by a bicycle is the Red Light District. Even if you don’t plan to use the area for its purpose, it’s definitely worth a visit! Just like the availability of cannabis, the RLD is incredibly surreal. Set along a picturesque canal (which you supposedly get chucked into if you get your camera out), the red lights illuminate window after window of women, surrounded by gawking men. The weirdest part is when you see a woman open her door to invite a man in, and you realise this stuff actually happens. 

This shock is all forgotten with a trip to one of the many coffee-shops. Need I say anymore? 
Manage to get a cheeky pic didn’t I!

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